Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sacred & Profane

I read an article in a free magazine at lunch the other day. It quoted something from a book called Sacred & Profane. The distance of the two words struck with me, and I plan to look up more about the book.

Today, I had a tubal ligation. The timing strikes me as strange. We spent the weekend discussing many things, including if we should continue. I believe we will. We also resolved many things. My husband gets turned on a lot by thinking of me with another man, and I am very sexual. But it is an awkward time for me to think of surgery- even something as routine to the doctors as a tubal ligation. It is not routine to me. The day has not been pleasant.

I am content with my choice today for many reasons. I do not want more children. Only if the event that my husband died would I consider it, and rarely then. But if we backed off from sex with other people, the surgery today is a bit irrelevant to our life together.

Some of the choices that you begin to make are both Sacred and Profane...


Rosie said...

So many of our decisions could be viewed as sacred or profane. Especially if we are open to possibilities, or stretching for new experiences. Hope you are feeling no ouchy aftereffects.

Anonymous said...

Sacred and profane....like deciding that we wouldn't use protection, my lover and I? Deciding that we'd have a child together while I am still married to and comitted to my husband? Deciding what the child would call my husband? All choices sacred and profane but somehow right.