Friday, January 11, 2008

Unicorn Sighting


(From the Merriam Webster Dictionary Online)

Pronunciation: \ˈyü-nə-ˌkȯrn\ noun. Etymology: Middle English unicorne, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin unicornis, from Latin, having one horn, from uni- + cornu horn. Date: 13th century. Definitions: 1. a mythical animal generally depicted with the body and head of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and a single horn in the middle of the forehead. 2. (slang; also mythical) a single, usually bisexual woman willing to have sex with a married couple.

I’m going to fuck you while she watches.

Our girlfriend.

Not mine. I don't want my own girlfriend.

Not yours. We did that lesbian thing BITD.


She has the peaches and cream skin and large, shapely tits I crave. She’s smart, been around the block and is fascinated with you, so a good fit. No bimbette fucktoy, yet a fucktoy for us. I think she’d like that sobriquet.

And tonight we’re going to fuck her. Both of us. We'll meet for drinks and flirting, with perhaps some brazen kissing or even fingering in a dark bar, then go back to her place for another threesome. She’s eager to be possessed and we’re going to fuck her together. Slowly undressing her like last time, peeling off each bit of clothing, you know exactly what to do, she and I both will be following your lead.

It wouldn't be fun without you there and playing.

You and I have abstained from making love for days, letting the passion build up, until now I can barely keep my hands off you. This morning you sucked my cock and I fingered your pussy and gently bit your nipples, but you and I won't get off until the three of us are naked together. I catch myself all day reaching to uncover your tattoo, to run my hand along its thorns and curves, to lick it like I’d wipe it clean with the rough edges of my tongue. As you walk by with your slutty smirking mouth that has sucked cocks and pussies, I long to crush one of your breasts beneath my hand, or plunge my tongue into your sweet-tasting cunt, but I don't.

She agrees it tastes sweet. She told me so after that first night the three of us spent fucking. Tonight I’ll watch as she explores you again with her eager mouth, pulling off your panties so we both can see your landing strip hiding that delicious cunt. Have you shown her yet how you like to have a tongue gently run along the ridges of your outer lips?

Her mouth on your cunt will be inflamed and swollen from kissing me by then, her creamy skin flushes from the friction with my rough face. A lifetime of shaving tricks still can’t subdue the stubble that speaks of enough testosterone to fuck you both. I likely will play with myself as she goes down on you, knowing you’ll be watching - it’s your favorite thing a man can do, other than fuck you.

When she’s done, it will be my turn to bring you to climax:

Wasting no time, I lube up my cock and slip it into the wetness leftover from her delicious mouth. As I push slowly in, the slide slowly out, I’ll rub my hands along your body, then hers. I’m perched above you like a porn flick cameraman watching your head twist from side-to-side as the passion grows. Your aureoles are erect, hardening into small, brown islands of roughness surrounded by your gorgeous tits. She’s watching us make love; let her see how deeply we love, how achingly intimate our sex with one another is, this will be truly making love, and she likely knows her special place in our allowing her let her see this intimacy. Let her suck my cock, tongue your clit, feel me explode inside both of you, but this is our gift to her - and to ourselves, an exhibitionism sweeter than anything.

Sleep came fitfully last night as I longed to feel your naked body, knowing that our abstaining will heighten the climax we'll feel. With the three of us naked, I can twist your nipples as you begin to breath so shallowly I think you might pass out. Hiccups of pleasure, cries of “Oh, yes, oh, God” as you come again and again. How counter-intuitive it seems that on the night before meeting our girlfriend again, I was fighting for sleep, longing to fuck you.

Now it’s your turn to watch.

Grabbing her hair as she goes down on me, I push my cock up deeper into her mouth. She wants to swallow my cum, but she’ll have to wait for another time, I have a different end in mind. The first time we fucked her, it was you who quarterbacked the finale. Thrusting into her spasming cunt, I feel once again your mouth on my cock that first night: I was kissing her while she masturbated, and you were giving me your usual great head. Feeling you slide a condom on, then guide me into her delicious cunt made me harder than I had been all night. As I pushed into her tight pussy, I felt you running your hands across my ass, pushing me in, guiding me as my pelvis rose and fell in rhythmic strokes until she and I both orgasmed together.

Her mouth is skillful; like you she lacks inhibition in bed, but I intend to come in her again, so I push her down onto the bed, kissing her hard on that mouth of hers that like yours has no shame or reserve, fingering her cunt wet with your saliva and the secretions of her arousal. She’s coming now for me the way you have thousands of times before, the way that gets me hard and makes me want to fuck a woman who’s coming for me. You’re watching impassively, and I have no way of knowing what you’re feeling as I fuck this other woman, other than knowing it has its greatest meaning to me fucking her with you in the same bed.

Time to “suit up,” I slide on a condom, then slip into her as you finger your clit from the sidelines. She’s totally ours in this moment, she’d do anything, fuck anyone for us, and I feel like I’ll live forever, knowing the “small death” is only moments away. Pushing against her lovely curves and rounded tits, I can feel my cock in her pussy despite the condom, her shuddering orgasms as I come. No marathons of fucking, we’re going over the edge while you watch us climax in unison.

When I’m done, while you both lie in each other’s arms kissing tenderly, I turn the condom inside out and spread my cum on both your panties, then tie them together and pocket this earthy souvenir of our illicit passion. Weeks or months or years from now, I’ll open my secret stash of treasures beside my writing desk, finger this still-fragrant reminder of triadic perfection, and savor the memories of freedom, orgasm and our weird happiness.

-Posted by Will B. Baade