Sunday, July 13, 2008

Broken, Marked or not . You are mine!

He kissed her at the back door as she returned home. " How was your night?"

" It was ok! Yesterday's adventures were better than this morning. Could you please help me up the stairs? " she said feeling pain soaring up her leg.

He looked down and saw her foot was swollen about double its usual size. She was limping; but in his excitement that she had come home he had failed to notice. He knew she had taken the day off to spend time with some other men. This included a man who was mentoring her in some Eastern love making techniques. His emotions had been running hot and cold for the last 24 hours. The thought of other men touching her and claiming his pussy was sometimes too much for him. At other times he found it arousing and exciting. He had no idea how he was going to greet her until she came home. When he saw her he only wanted to kiss her and take her upstairs to fuck her himself. He may lend her to others but she was his.

Now, he was very concerned. She was not supposed to get hurt and the look on her face showed she was in a lot of pain. He helped her to the bedroom and went to get some ice and wraps for her leg and foot. He recalled a sex blog post that her friend LFM had written on being " Marked " or having lovers leave a mark. He smiled. " She came home this time with a big mark" he thought.

He came back to the room and started to massage her leg and ice it down. She looked so sexy with her bra less breasts underneath the black scoop tee that showed her cleavage so well. Her shorts let him peak to her pussy where a thong barely covered her. He would have her later , her pain was too great now.

He looked at her and teased . " Your boyfriends are going to have to stop playing so rough. It is one thing to leave a mark, it is another for him to try and claim the whole leg and foot! " he said laughing.

She laughed and said " You should have never read LFM's post. Now, I will never live this mark down for the rest of our marriage. I can tell you are not going to let me forget this morning ".

" No my darling , I am not ". But you have no idea how happy I am that you returned to me. Broken, marked, or not, you are mine! "

Yes, they both knew their marriage would survive her infidelity and that whatever had taken place with others would not come between them. He was not sure until he saw her at the back door. She never had a doubt but wondered how he would take her injury.

He let the ice do its healing. He laid down next to her on the bed removing her shirt and sucking the breasts she had shared with others. Her hands were on his head and she was kissing him gently. Their lips met and soon he was inside of her being very careful not upset the ice that surrounding her bandaged ankle. Her marriage reunion was now complete. But her lover's mark which occurred on his stairs would take weeks to heal. To this day the ankle occasionally reminds her of his mark and she smiles recalling the adventures of the day with him and the others she played on her erotic day off.

Posted by E.B.B.