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A Promise Kept

The promise had been made many months ago during a cyber session on a weekend that he was working; when not wanking in the office. If she had any doubts that she would one day keep the promise. His tongue play in her mouth the day they met for lunch sealed the deal. Too bad, he had a client appointment after lunch that day or she would have broken all her rules and steamed the van's windows up with him in the back seat. He touched her breast reaching through her low cleavage top as they kissed and she could feel her wetness. The sexual energy between them demanded its resolution. His hard cock pressed her against the door and the passion of their embrace was unmistable. It was very risky and very public.

Now, several months later she was driving north on the expressway. She could not think how surreal this moment was for her. She was, after all, a conservative, church choir singing Mom who a year or so ago would never be caught looking at another man let alone be ready for sex all weekend with one. So much had changed since her husband had suggested an affair. Of course, he had a one night stand NSA in mind. But that was not her style. This man had fucked her mind with intellectual conversation from sex, politics, legal stuff, to sports. They had much in common. They could talk and tease each other for hours. The loved their spouses but desired more in many ways than either spouse could give or share.

She knew from a prior email that his wife was out of town. He had season tickets and their favorite team was playing in town. He, however, had court papers by the truckload that had to be filed by midnight Saturday. He had invited her to the game. He had made arrangements to check with her Sat. morning after he worked all Friday night to complete the legal paperwork on his desk. If it did not get done. She would not need to drive and meet him for the game. Her husband and kids were busy out of town for the weekend. This weekend was hers and could be used however she wanted.

She had other ideas; but agreed to check in Saturday morning. She made a late appointment with his objecting Secretary for Friday night. " He really does not do trust work let me refer you to someone else." the secretary said in as protective a tone as she could muster. " Trust me this is one trust fund he wants control of and to see that it is set up right. If after the consult he wants to refer me I will agree but he must see me Friday night. " She made the appointment and it was not under a name he would expect. The secretary made it clear she would not be around for her arrival and hoped she would be comfortable being alone in the office with her boss. She had no idea how comfortable things were going to get..

Now, driving with her honey dipper wand between her legs and her panties pushed aside to allow it to plunge in and out of her vagina . She thanked God for cruise control. She had several orgasms as she drove. She had black lace panties, and black shelf spaghetti strap bra that folded down for total exposure easily, another clingy yet more modest top over it and a black skirt with thigh high fish nets. She would walk in with her briefcase and look very professional, with the exception of the sexy thigh highs. Her panties were wet as he had desired and she was very aroused and her nipples visable under her top. She walked into the office and another attorney greeted her on his way out. With a smile on his face he told her that GP's office was at the end of the hall. He was the managing partner of a large law firm. She always smiled when she read about his high profile cases in the paper. In her eyes, even when he lost a round he still won. He usually had more than one plan for his clients and the rulings can't go your way all the time. She usually went for guy's with hair but this guy's bald head was soon going to be making her moan between her legs and she could not wait.

He was on the phone as he looked up and saw her standing their watching him. He could hardly concentrate as he looked at his schedule. He tried to get the caller off the phone. She closed the door behind her. No one could see in the office. The last attorney had left and they were in fact all alone.

He looked at his desk and remembered the promise. His cock had already started to rise and she was not even on his side of the desk yet. He hung up and said I don't believe you had a appointment and I have a client due any minute. "I know" she said , "I am the client". She walked around his desk and sat on it in front of him , her skirt up and her bare pussy looking him in the face. She hand him her wet panties. While he was smelling them she removed her outer shirt. Bending over to let him view her cleavage she kissed him passionationatly. His hands made quick work of her bra straps and soon she was exposed and his face was buried in her breasts. As he nibbled on her breasts his hands were fingering her clit and fucking her g spot. He laid her back on the desk and put her legs up on his chair and moved his face to her pussy. His tongue found his home. He was flicking her clit and fucking her with his fingers. He was as good as he had promised. Even better than she really expected. She was soon lost in the sensations that were rising and flowing throughout her body. Soon he had her shaking and squirting cum all over him. He was glad he kept a change of clothes at work. He could not believe she keep her promise on this of all nights. There was a major issue that he needed some fresh ideas to resolve and he was horny and now had someone to take care of both.

He got up and she popped up off the desk and unzipped his pants. Out of her brief case came the lube and she stroked him with her special touch. He sat down and let her claim his cock, balls and other areas for her pleasure while the waves of o's over took him. She opened his sexual chakra and got a release that blew his mind. She placed her favorite flavored condom on his cock and prepared him for what she had in mind next with some mouth action. She lubed him up again. She then sat on his lap for reverse cow girl and road him hard till they both came together. She got up and pulled the condom off of him and cleaned him up. She wiped her self and put her top back on. She was back together looking acceptable again to the outside world. During the ride she gave him the great inspiration he was looking for to solve his clients issue.

The phone rang and he took the call while she finished the clean up. Papers were scattered on the floor by now and she was arranging them . Bending over just so he got a good look of her privates while discussing something with another client on some paperwork to be filed that night. Before she left she walked back behind his desk. Kissed him on the forehead as he hung up with the client.

"Here is my room key at the sexy B and B. Your incentive to finish this paperwork quickly is that this was just an appetiser. My panties are yours to keep to remind you of what is to cum. This is the beginning of the promises I made to you that I plan to keep if you join me later. " For a moment his mind went blank. "More promises?" he thought and said to her. " Let's just say that I selected this room for its water facilities and their pleasurable possibilities and you will remember the next promise. PS. I am expecting you to keep your promise to me at the game tomorrow night." "So don't procratinate thinking you will have time or energy for your work on Saturday. I don't care how late you are tonight but a no show will have some consequences in the morning that you may or may not enjoy." His memory then recalled the crop and handcuffs she got for Christmas from another lover. She wouldn't use them on me..Then again she was a strong woman full capable of being a dominatrix even though she loves to please. He looked again at his work with incentive to complete it quickly. She kissed him again and said good bye for now. Blowing a kiss and flicking her skirt up on last time as the door closed behind her.

Reviewing his desk he saw her notes that she had quickly posted on post it notes on top on some of them as she put his desk back together. She had a great legal mind and should have gone to law school. She was the first woman he had ever been intimate with that was such an expert on fucking him mind, body and spirit. She never desired just a part of a man but she made love to all of him. She was not the most beautiful woman in his life but she was warm, caring, creative, pleasant looking, sensual, and had a sexual energy that was intoxicating. He wished he could hire her. For her few minutes of work was going to save him a lot of time. But her realized that he would be fucking her more than working and that as the boss was not going to be good for the firm. He knew with her security clearance she would never say a word to anyone about what she just saw in the papers on his desk. She understood client privacy and practiced it in her job daily. He got online and started filing those papers. He sure appreciated her incentive plan. He wished more clients were as generous with incentives as she demonstrated tonight. Some day they would get to arranging the trust funds she wanted. But it would take a few more appointments to finish the details. He toyed with the panties she let behind.

What promise was next? In his mind, he was reviewing months of chats, talks and cyber sex. Then it occured to him " The Shower". "She was amazing woman to remember many of my desires and now I will need to make hers come true at the ball game tommorow." " It will truly be an orgasmic weekend for both of us. mmmmm promises can be so sweet and satisfying..as much as she satified me with her actions tonight. I only want her more.." he thought as he stared at the computer and tried to concentrate he cock throbbing in his pants and his mind at the B and B imagining the delights to come.

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