Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Planning Stage

by Polly Amorie

- Do you have a hairdryer?

- A what?

- Hair. Dryer. You know. Like, to dry hair.

- No, but i can borrow from my neighbour.

- No, no, it's OK. I'll bring mine.

- A hairdryer? What on earth for?

- To blow dry my hair, of course. I can't go out to dinner with bed hair.

- Who said we're going out to dinner? Who said i was going to allow you to leave my bed?

- Oh you will. If you want that threesome, i recommend feeding me first.

- I think we can arrange something. (giggles)

- If you want more than a threesome, i recommend that you throw something else into the pot as well.

- Don't worry, i have everything organised and ready for you. Yes, even to suit your most neurotic mood. Including a little glass something in the refrigerator.

- Damn, i cannot wait to see you. I bet you have that evil look in your eye right now.

- I do. (pauses) I'm thinking about spanking you.

- *whimpers*

- With my hand and...

- And..?

- And... with my flogger.

- Sounds divine. Is there anything I should bring?

- Yourself. A dress. Oh, and a dearth of underwear. You won't need it.

to be continued...

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Tom Paine said...

Thanks for "Planning Stage"! Looking for more of this story....