Sunday, September 16, 2007

Would I recommend this?

Someone that reads my regular blog, approached me wanting to talk about swinging. He's one that has read between the lines or read long enough to know what I talk about sometimes. It made me think.

Do I regret anything, despite how hard it has been at times? No. Our *learning curve* has been very steep and very painful for the two of us. We probably didn't start from the best place. I'm living a richer, fuller life now, and I spend time in thought and reflection that I enjoy. I have been in some very hot sexual scenes and I have images that I will always cherish in my mind. I still think that everything we have done or will done hasn't even come close to the full potential that exists.

Would I recommend it? Not to very many. Be very, very careful. I think it's a choice that is more likely to destroy a couple than make your life richer. I know two couples that it has destroyed. I've met several couples that seem bored with sex. It's not an easy path. If you don't have really strong communication skills- they you are asking for problems. It certainly isn't a solution if you are looking to solve sexual problems or you are bored. It will cause more problems...

by NightStar

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